WORK EXPERIENCE- Theatre present: Sophie " Ferdinand the VIII-th ", after Gogol, by I. Demian Comedy Theatre , Bucharest Reading Plays Project for highschools, Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest 2002-2005 "Tony Bulandra" Theatre, Targoviste: Polina Andreevna -"The Seagull", A. P. Cehov, d. by L. Oniga The Widow- "The taming of the shrew", W. Shakespeare, d. by G. Dumitru Libera- "The quarrels of Chioggia", C. Goldoni, d. by L. Oniga Paula Snyder - " Brecht in the garbage ", B. Brecht, d. by Michael Devine " Bacchants ", Euripides, d. by M. Maniutiu " Giordano Bruno " dance performance, coreg. Hugo Wolf " The temptations of Saint Ant on", G. Flaubert, d. by M. Maniutiu " Turandot ", C. Gozzi, d. by V. I. Frunza Thea- "The revival of the sprin g", F. Wedekind, d. by T. Tepeneag Helena- "The Midsummer night dream ", W. Shakespeare, d. by F. Ionescu " The dreams of the passengers on the Titanic "- dance performance, d. by M. Maniutiu, coreg. Vava Stefanescu 2001-2002 Cassandra Studio, Bucharest: Katia - " The Audition ", Al. Galin, d. by George Ivascu The Girl - " Kill your neighbour ", V. Woyzeck, d. by George Ivascu Louison -" The imaginary ill ", Moliere, d. by Dragos Mocanu 2001 " Ana Karenina ", Tolstoy, d. by Al. Vasilache Comedy Theatre, Bucharest
eyes: green hair: light brown height: 1,70 weight: 56
EDUCATION June-Aug.2007 Workshop of Michael Cekhov and Senford Meisner methods, leaded by Eugene Buica 1998-2002 National University of Arts and Drama "I.L Caragiale", Bucharest, Acting class Dem Radulescu& George Ivascu 1994-1998 T. Vianu College, Giurgiu

Films & TV - Feb-March 2007: Hostessing live morning show at KANAL D TV - 2005-2007 Episodic performances on Tv serials, Antena 1, Bucharest -2004-2006 Episodic performances on TV sit-coms, Protv, Bucharest -2006 episodic performances on tv shows, Prima tv -2004- Actress of the morning children TV serial, Tvr 1, Bucharest -2002- Actress of radio theatre - Promoter for Oriflame, Procter&Gamble, Lyrica, etc. -Voice-over for TV commercials ( Blend-a-Med, Ace, Tide, Caroli, Nestle Fitness) -Tv commercials ( Zuzu, Alka, Generali, commercials for Israel, France) -short film (d. by Cristina Iliescu, Luiza Parvu) FESTIVALS - Oct. 2005 International Theatre Festival, Skopje, Macedonia -June 2005 International Experimental Theatre Festival, Cluj -May 2004 A.P.Cehov International Festival, Iasi -Sept. 2003 International Experimental Theatre Festival, Cairo, Egypt -Dec.2002 National Festival Theatre, Bucharest Apr.2002 Inside Festival, Timisoara Dec.2001 Skomrahi Festival, Skopje, Macedonia -Feb.2001 Open Doors Festival, Bucharest
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